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Do not look at the circumstances that you are going through, look at God’s promise about your life. In Genesis 45, we can see that Jacob lived a time of great confusion, since there was hunger on earth as there had been since the days of Abraham, He had to send his children to buy food, Simeon was imprisoned because he was considered a He was a spy, and there was a condition for leaving him free: to take the youngest son to Benjamin.

Jacob began to despair and see all this as chaos, what else could happen! there was hunger, shortage, a son (Jose) who believed dead, another son captive in Egypt and to complete had to send Benjamin the son of his right hand, he had no choice but to mourn and think: “Everything is against me “

However the great news comes to him, his son José is alive, immediately came to his mind the 22 years of mourning and he did not believe what he heard, but seeing the cars of Egypt, the Egyptian costumes, the wheat in abundance, his Spirit revives and says: “Enough; José, my son is still alive; I’ll go, and I’ll see him before I die. “

Even though you think that everything you are living is a consequence of your past but do not think that you are alone and that everything is against you, it is necessary that you understand from the bottom of your heart that God has a welfare plan for you. life, so surrender to Him and let Him act on your behalf.